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Rug Steam & Cleaning Houston

More and more home owners are choosing tile and wood flooring over wall to wall carpeting. Tile and wood flooring look great and many people choose to cover parts of this type flooring with area rugs that adds color, texture, and style to every home. However, just like carpeting, eventually area rugs begin to show the dirt from being walked on daily, and are also subject to spills and stains. They also tend to absorb odors from cooking, smoking, and pets. Daily vacuuming and frequent shaking can help those area rugs look good longer, but there eventually comes a point when those area rugs begin to look dull and dirty, and absorb enough odors that your rugs smell a little less than clean. Which is why we here at Carpet Steam & Cleaning Houston offer you two options for cleaning those area rugs.

In Home Rug Cleaning

We like most other carpet cleaning services will clean those area rugs right in your home, much the way we clean carpets. You simply call for an appointment, we arrive on time and clean those area rugs right on the spot. While some of our customers like this option and use it whenever they need their carpets clean other customers, don’t like being tied down to their home for the time it takes to clean all of those area rugs, which is why we offer customers a second option on having your rugs cleaned.

Cleaning Your Rugs At Our Facility

We also will clean your rugs at our facility, so that you can go on with your life, go out for the day or evening, or simply chill while your rugs are being cleaned. If you choose this option, we will arrive at your home at a time mutually agreed upon and pick up your area rugs for free. We then take them to our facility, clean your rugs and make any necessary repairs, and then return them to you free of charge. When we clean your area rugs in our facility while removing stains and odors. it normally takes around 5 to 7 days for us to clean and return your rugs.

Rug Repair

We can also repair holes and fringe on those area rugs so that your rugs come back not only clean and fresh smelling, but also looking as close to new as possible. In most cases, we can restore your area rugs to about 90% of like new condition.To learn more about our free pick and up and delivery service for area rugs, or to book a free consultation, get a free estimate, or simply to ask a question, please call us at (832) 479-6077 or talk to our online representative and let us know what we can do to help you keep those beautiful area rugs looking their finest.

We Safely Clean all Types of Area Rugs

We can safely clean all types of area rugs without damaging the fibers or running the colors. This includes rugs made of:

  •   Wool and wool blends
  •   Silk
  •   Japanese
  •   Turkish
  •   Persian
  •   Shag
  •   Natural and Synthetic Fibers
  •   Man made or machine made
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Client Reviews

I was thrilled that all the stains came out and the carpet looked brand new. I am delighted with the outcome and feel very good about having all cleaned. This is a reliable company with a professional attitude that does a job right at a very fair price.

Rickie H.
Rickie H.

I had my carpet cleaned. However,it still appeared not fully clean. I received a call and written message back immediately from the staff to explain the issue with my carpet. I am glad that this is not the type of company that will do a job and leave, but provide...

Alex A.
Alex A.

Called on a Monday to have my couch cleaned and they were able to come by on Wednesday. They did an amazing job, my couch looks brand new!! It was super affordable, and everyone I interacted with was extremely professional and friendly.

Stacy S
Stacy S