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Upholstery Steam & Cleaning Houston

Is your sofa starting to smell like your teenagers gym socks? Does that ottoman bear the footprints of various family members shoes? When you sit down to watch a movie with your family do you detect the faint odor of fried fish, onions or other foods you have cooked in the past couple of months, or worse, is there a pizza sauce stain on the arm of your chair of sofa? If any of these things are beginning to bug you or disrupt your enjoyment of your home, perhaps it time to have that Upholstery cleaned. DYI Cleaning Vs. Professional Cleaning Unless you plan on buying new furniture or paying to have your existing furniture reupholstered every time it gets dirty or starts to absorb odors then you are going to have to clean that upholstery every so often. But should you clean that upholstery yourself or hire a professional to do that cleaning for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

DYI Upholstery Cleaning Pros and Cons


  •   You can usually clean your own upholstery for less than it cost to hire professional services.
  •   You can clean that Upholstery in your own time any time of the day of the night.
  •   You have the personal satisfaction of having done the job yourself


  •   Unless you are well versed at cleaning all different types of upholstery material, your upholstery may end up with running colors or water spots leaving it look worse after it is cleaned than it looked before.
  •   DYI cleaning may not be able to remove all the stains or odors in your upholstery, so it may look cleaner but won’t smell much fresher.
  •   You have to rent the cleaning machine
  •   Chemical cleaners can leave residue on your furniture that may be harmful to children and pets.

Hiring the Professional Services of Carpet Cleaning Houston


  •   While we may be a bit more expensive than cleaning that upholstery yourself, we are still priced reasonably.
  •   Our skilled technicians are whizzes at removing most stains and odors, so your furniture will not only look clean, but will smell clean as well.
  •   We are skilled at cleaning all types of upholstery including leather, suede, silk, satin, velvet, polyester blends, natural and synthetic fibers, man made or machine made upholstery. This means that we won’t run those bright colors together, or leave water spots that makes your furniture look less than great.
  •   We are also skilled at cleaning mattresses, curtains, drapes, blinds, and even your wall tapestries so your entire room or home smells fresher and cleaner.


  •   While we do keep extended hours for your convenience we don’t clean at 3 in the morning.
  •   You do have to schedule an appointment, though we do provide same day service.
  •   We also offer you a free consultation, and free estimates so you know before you hire us what our services will cost and what methods we use for cleaning your upholstery so you can reassure yourself that we do a top notch job.
  •   For more information regarding our upholstery services feel free to call (832) 479-6077 or talk to our Online representative. We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you might have.
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Client Reviews

I was thrilled that all the stains came out and the carpet looked brand new. I am delighted with the outcome and feel very good about having all cleaned. This is a reliable company with a professional attitude that does a job right at a very fair price.

Rickie H.
Rickie H.

I had my carpet cleaned. However,it still appeared not fully clean. I received a call and written message back immediately from the staff to explain the issue with my carpet. I am glad that this is not the type of company that will do a job and leave, but provide...

Alex A.
Alex A.

Called on a Monday to have my couch cleaned and they were able to come by on Wednesday. They did an amazing job, my couch looks brand new!! It was super affordable, and everyone I interacted with was extremely professional and friendly.

Stacy S
Stacy S