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Water Damage Repair Services in Houston

It’s two O’Clock in the morning and your return home from a night out with friends only to discover that your bathroom and hallway is flooded. You come to discover, that your babysitter fell asleep and your four year old tried to flush an entire roll of paper towels down the toilet. Causing the toilet to overflow and the water to run out of bathroom and down the hallway, soaking everything in it’s path. What are you going to do? You can try and clean up the mess yourself, or you can call our professional Water Damage Repair technicians to help you clean up the mess, and help to prevent and limit some of the damage that water can cause. Calling our professional technicians makes sense as we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we know household flooding doesn’t just occur during the daylight hours and we also know that the sooner that water is dealt with, the less damage it going to cause. Which is why we will arrive at your home with everything needed to deal with your emergency situation.

Water Extraction Equipment

Our high quality water extraction equipment is designed to remove any standing water from your home quickly and efficiently. The faster that water is removed, the less opportunity it has to do permanent damage to home. So the first order of business after stopping the cause of the leak is to remove that standing water.


We also have commercial dehumidifiers and fans, that will help to dry up that excess moisture in the air, on carpets, floors and walls. The longer damp conditions remain in your home, the higher the chances of bacteria and mold and mildew growth that can affect your families your health. So getting the entire area dried up quickly can save you money in both damages and save your family health.

Cleaning up

We can also help to clean up from your flood providing sanitation of the affected area, cleaning carpets and upholstery and seeing to it, that as much of the damage is repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home or furnishings.

Emergency Repairs

Our skilled technicians are also skilled at making temporary emergency repairs such as providing a temporary covering to that leaky roof, to prevent more water from flowing in, or temporary sealing a household appliances hose to stop the leaks.

We Deal With All Different Types of Flooding Issues Our Water Damage Repair technicians will deal with all types of flooding issues both big and small including:

  •   Major flooding of your home in case of a flood
  •   Broken water mains
  •   Breaches in storm drain protocol
  •   Broken or overflowing tubs, toilets and sinks
  •   Leaking roofs
  •   Broken pipes
  •   Broken hoses on household appliances
  •   Flooding of your RV

Anytime you have a flooding emergency feel free to call us at (832) 479-6077 and we will be there as quickly as possible to help you deal with water damage emergency and prevent any further damage to your home or possessions.

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Client Reviews

I was thrilled that all the stains came out and the carpet looked brand new. I am delighted with the outcome and feel very good about having all cleaned. This is a reliable company with a professional attitude that does a job right at a very fair price.

Rickie H.
Rickie H.

I had my carpet cleaned. However,it still appeared not fully clean. I received a call and written message back immediately from the staff to explain the issue with my carpet. I am glad that this is not the type of company that will do a job and leave, but provide...

Alex A.
Alex A.

Called on a Monday to have my couch cleaned and they were able to come by on Wednesday. They did an amazing job, my couch looks brand new!! It was super affordable, and everyone I interacted with was extremely professional and friendly.

Stacy S
Stacy S